Are you kidding me? This beautiful piece of software by Agilebits saves all of my passwords across all of my devices. I don’t know what I would do without it.


Write messages now and schedule them to deliver at any time, even when you don’t have an Internet connection. Schedule messages to automatically return to the top of your inbox at a later time, so that no messages will ever fall through the cracks. Remind yourself to follow up with people that don’t respond within a certain amount of time. You’ll never forget to follow up again

I use the 10 HTTP proxies $20.00 USD Monthly.

Call Recorder

I run this app all the time to record every single Skype call that I have for archiving sake. You never know when you’re going to have a stroke of brilliance and you need to refer back to a conversation with the client, colleague, or anyone else you might be talking to. I don’t know what I would do without this tool.


D7 Lead Finder

Find B2B Leads for your business in any industry across all countries. Receive thousands of contacts in just a few minutes, giving you the data you need to make your business work.
With just the input of a city, country and industry type, their software will search for leads. Up to 1200 Results per search.


I have used many many sources for stock photos. Currently my three favorites are: DepositPhotos, 123RF, and Fotolio. I currently subscribe to DepositPhotos at the $25 plan with rollover points and I purchase a la carte from 123RF and Fotolio when needed.


Design Pickle

No HR. No interviews. No drama. In a few clicks you’ll have access to a professional designer ready to jump into your creative ecosystem.


This magical and beautiful tool I affectionately refer to as my Exo-Brain. Quite frankly… This is exactly that. My brain in the cloud. I use EVERYTHING. From my daily ToDo list to reminding myself to pay bills to sharing folders with my wife about our upcoming vacations.

Great way we discovered to do video client notes.



The #1 Automation and Text Messaging Platform for Marketing Agencies The first ever platform built to manage a Business's Follow up, two-way texting, pipeline, scheduling, and so much more.
Built for Agencies, By an Agency.


This is the app I use to track my virtual team around the world. Its really great as not only does it track time on tasks that are sucked out of my project management software, Redbooth, but it also allows me to take screenshots of my teams computers which lessens the probability of ‘funny business’ or ‘inflated hours’. This one tool alone saves me hundreds of dollars a month.


Loom videos are our go to video sharing platform that we communicate with our team and our clients with.


Great for integrating this mail program with other tools that we use online. At the current time I’m not using it to its full potential but I plan to and it’s just so darn easy to use once inside.


This is the first piece of online software that I started using when I started building my marketing agency online. It enables me to work with teams around the globe in a very very efficient manner. I love this product and the support is amazing.


I use this software for all of my contracts that I send my clients after they become a client. I also use it to send my credit card authorization forms so I can have them fill that out so I can ring up their credit card. I really like the feature that lets me know when they first open the email and then when they complete signing the email. The digital signature feature is awesome.



Siteground is the place where we have our dedicated server. We host over 100 client WordPress and custom websites on this server if you do hosting with us. Siteground provides a super fast, reliable and state of the art hosting for all our needs.



This is an essential tool for YouTube research. If I had to choose between all the tools on this page- Tubebuddy would win hands down. All of our competitive research comes from this tool.


Wistia is newer video technology that I have been using. I find it to be easier to use than Vimeo, Amazon, and other video players. The statistics are amazing and the customer service is 5 Star. I am transitioning all of my clients videos to Wistia for hosting on their web properties.


Great and Easy way to pay outsourcers in the Philippines, I’ve been using this service for over 2 years with no problem.