Death By China Movie – Sparks Big Ideas

This movie blew my socks off. It compelled me to immediately get a quick discussion  on my blog. This is an eye opener and something that stirs up emotions in me that are in the crosshairs of anger meets opportunity.

The reason I’m angry is that if what the movie is saying is even partially true… then we MUST as Americans do our best to adjust our business and consumption habits and think outside of the box. We need to do our best to support our economy and the future of our country. The concept of  Economic Warfare is a new one to me and is quite scary. What will happen when China calls in their debt? Yikes. Now for the Opportunity discussion; This part EXCITES the heck out of me. The reason I’m excited is two fold;

  1. First: we get to help bring back business and support local business in new and creative ways using our local marketing techniques and strategies.
  2. Second: The opportunity to make money for YOUR business is like no other time in history. The biggest fortunes are made in times of economic change. You can read all about how fortunes are made during times of war and political unrest later, I won’t go into that here.

Here is the trailer: You can see it on Netflix.

Death by China Film - Official Trailer